Tuesday 01st December, 2015 
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Colin Dye, Senior Minister of KT

Welcome to the Cell Explosion Website which aims to encourage and resource those working with the Cell Vision according to the Model of 12. Many leaders in Europe are finding ways of building on the pioneering work of Cesar Castellanos and others from the International Charismatic Mission in Bogotá, Columbia. There are now many expressions of the principle of 12 operating in cell church models today and this page provides some links to these ministries.

Larry Stockstill's church Bethany World Prayer Center

We will be making a wide range of resources available both free on line and for epurchasing. One primary resource will be our DISCIPLESHIP CELL EXPLOSION BOOKLET SERIES in which we will present aspects of the cell vision and build into a comprehensive picture of the Model of 12. See our resources page

We also want to host a forum in which those working with the cell vision or are interested in doing so will be able to engage in discussion, sharing of ideas and, in general to seek ways of working effectively with the cell vision in Europe and further afield.

May God richly bless you as you use this website.